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Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is the nexus of Europe. Namely, the unique character of Ljubljana is made up of the influences of various cultures, while its distinctive image is the result of a diverse and alluring history. Ljubljana is a picturesque city of romantic bridges, co-existing in harmony with its own river; a city with an exquisite architecture, full of vibrant cultural creativity. Ljubljana’s ancient centre at the foot of the hill, overlooked by Ljubljana Castle, is relatively small and easily accessible on foot or by bicycle. The lush vegetation surrounding the city guarantees plenty of outdoor hiking, cycling and recreational opportunities.


Ljubljana is located half way between Vienna and Venice. It is marked by the peculiar intersection of different historic and cultural influences, including the elements of both of the mentioned cities. Ljubljana is a picturesque town full of romantic attractions. Its ancient city centre can easily be travelled around on foot. Its architecture was distinctively influenced by the famous Jože Plečnik, giving the city, which was the place of his birth, a permanent seal, similar to Gaudi in Barcelona. Ljubljana is also unmistakably marked by medieval, Baroque and Secession elements. The most recognisable symbol of Ljubljana are the dragons of the Dragon Bridge protecting the city. The atmosphere in Ljubljana is relaxed and reminiscent of the Mediterranean. Proof of this is the abundance of outdoor cafés, especially near the banks of the Ljubljanica, which are the favourite destinations of everybody looking to relax while mingling and enjoying the scenery. The ancient city centre is always bustling with activity. All the year-round, Ljubljana provides a rich cultural offer, including many events. During the warmer months, several no-admission concerts are held, along with street performances and other happenings. Ljubljana also boasts an extraordinary culinary offer, combining traditional recipes, locally grown organic food, the influence of the Mediterranean and modern techniques of the resident chefs. Also excellent are Slovene wines, characterised by pronounced natural aromas. Ljubljana is located in the very centre of Slovenia. The natural sights and globally renowned landmarks, such as Bled and the Postojna Cave, the Alps of Slovenia, Karst and the coast are virtually at your fingertips.

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Ljubljana is famous for its year-round lively cultural events. Slovenia boasts extremely creative cultural production, while the city of Ljubljana also often hosts world-famous artists. One of Ljubljana’s specialties is a large number of free open-air events held on the streets and squares of the ancient city centre, especially during summer and the festive month of December.

Around Ljubljana

Ljubljana is not just a people-friendly and green city, but is also literally surrounded by nature. In some parts of Ljubljana it takes just about 10 minutes walk to reach a forest or a field. The Central Slovenia region, including Ljubljana and 25 small municipalities surrounding the city, is filled with natural beauty, excellent cuisine and picturesque landscapes. Venture off the beaten track and explore what's on Ljubljana's doorstep.

Do & See

Ljubljana is a picturesque city whose image is the product of various historical periods, though it has been marked most notably by the creations of the architect Jože Plečnik. It is distinguished by Ljubljana Castle located on the hill above the city, the Ljubljanica with its wondrous bridges and romantic banks, as well as testimonials and numerous stories from its rich and abundant past accompanying you with every step.


Ljubljana’s culinary offer is characterised by local ingredients, the adherence to traditional cooking methods as well as the diversity of dishes. Slovene cuisine combines the influences of the Mediterranean and the Balkans, of the Alps and of the Pannonian Basin. Visitors who wish to fully immerse themselves into this world of diversity must not forget to see the Central Market. With a bit of luck, they might even witness one of the culinary events held outdoors during the warm months.


One of the most distinct experiences in Ljubljana is to relax and mingle in the outdoor bars and cafés in the old city centre. Especially popular are those located on the beautiful banks of the Ljubljanica.

Bars & Nightlife

Ljubljana is a vibrant city with an abundance of clubs. Beside regular clubs which play electronic dance music, there are also different venues, such as Metelkova known for its alternative scene, or “Balkan” folk parties popular among the young. The old city centre is famous for its relaxed atmosphere and endless outdoor bars and cafés. During weekends, some are transformed into nightclubs, hosting DJ performances, wild parties and dance nights.


Ljubljana offers a wide selection of products by renowned brands as well as local producers. When in the old city centre, don’t forget to visit the Central Market as well as the occasional outdoor fair. The eastern edge of the city is also the location of one of the largest shopping complexes in Europe, BTC City.

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