Cycle Colombia: Road Cycling

05/24/2020 through 12/08/2021
05/24/2020 through 12/11/2021
Intrepid Travel

Cycle Colombia: Road Cycling

Welcome to road cycling – the Intrepid way. Take a front seat along the backroads of Colombia and challenge yourself to the undulating and stunning scenery of this so often misunderstood country. Power up with the famously flavoursome Colombian coffee and push your pedals (and your limits) through lush jungles and colonial towns as you traverse the mountainous terrain, winding roads, Andean summits and hairpin bends that make Colombia a cyclist’s haven! Forget the famed French Alps as you take on the mother of all mountain passes – Alto De Letras – the longest cycling climb in the world, and experience Ciclovia, as you ride through the bustling car-free streets of Bogota with over one million locals. This is a trip to test your cycling skills and fitness but rewards you with sublime Colombian vistas, thrilling downhills and great company!



    • Push your pedals up the longest cycling climb in the world, the 80km-long Alto de Letras, then head to your hotel next to the Hot Springs and soak those aching legs!
    • Enjoy a ‘Ciclovía’ morning, the way literally a million locals do, having the opportunity to see different areas of cosmopolitan Bogota.
    • Cycle and sweat through steamy jungle scenery, coffee plantations and colourful colonial towns nestled in the verdant (and hilly!) Colombian countryside.
    • Connect with the colours, culture and coffee of Colombia as you tackle the undulating terrain and harpin bends that make this country a cycling haven!
    • Choose to stretch your legs on a spectacular guided hike through the Cocora Valley, home to hummingbirds and the world’s tallest palm trees.


    Day 1 Bogota
    Day 2 Suesca
    Day 3 Villamery
    Day 4 Mariquita
    Day 5 Alto de Letras
    Day 6 Cerritos
    Day 7 Salento
    Day 8 Salento

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