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$150 cancellation fee per person 0-29 days prior to departure

For bookings 30+ days prior to departure

Bookings up to $2500 $50 per person for any changes or cancellation of booking.

For bookings $2501-up $100 per person for any changes or cancellation of booking.

These fees are in addition to any fees charged by the supplier for changes/cancellation.

RE-BOOKING  will not incur any cancellation fees from LEG TRAVEL, but could be subject to fees by supplier, change fees could be implemented at agent’s discretion.


We strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance due to vendor’s strict cancellation policies. This is to confirm you are aware of cancellation penalties as described above and that travel insurance is available to purchase to protect against penalties due to unforeseen medical reasons.

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Please charge my credit card referenced above in the amount indicated above. By submitting this form, I understand all of the terms and conditions regarding this booking including cancellation policies, applicable penalties, Terms of Service and the availability of travel insurance.

If you are using a debit card with a daily spending limit, it is your responsibility to contact your bank to give them permission to authorize the transaction. If they require the name of the vendor and you are unsure as to who that is, please contact LEG TRAVEL.