What Our Customers Are Saying...

Just had to tell you that Fiji was INCREDIBLE.. There are no exact words to describe the Glorious Country… It was the most amazing trip I have ever experienced and I am soooo lucky that I made these memories with my hubby- my better half… 

It was unreal how beautiful not only the island but the real beauty was in the people.. Fijian people are the most genuine, loving, kind people we have ever met. 

Thank you soooo much for guiding us through this unforgettable vacation a memory that is embedded in my heart, mind, and soul forever. 

Thank you for all your hard work and support. 

We know we are lucky to have your expertise and guidance when planning our journeys. 

Thank you again sooo much…

~Manny & Michelle 

As someone that owns a service oriented business, I rarely find an entity that meets the standards and expectations that I put on my own staff and team members; especially when it comes to being responsive and following through with prompt and proficient communications. Kathleen has both met and exceeded those expectations and I highly recommend her for any and all of your travel plans.

Chris McGlasson

Awesome friendly service, finds me the best rates out there.  Have never used a travel agent until I met Kathi and now go straight to her for my travel needs

Alicia Tavis

Oktoberfest 2023
Choice of hotels, the flights…all were perfect. We were never rushed to make a flight. Our hotels were amazing and in the best locations!
~Tamara White

We used Leg for a last minute trip to Alaska.  Kathy was amazing!  Dependable, thorough quality service!  She helped me pick through so many options to find the best adventures for my family! Glacier tours, gold panning, just all around a wonderful time.  Her ability to find us activities to do in the middle of such a busy season in AK was even commented on by some of the other travelers on our tour who had booked a year ago!  If you are going anywhere check with Leg Travel first!  Thank you so much Kathy!!

Kat Jordan

I'm just finally getting around to tell you what a lovely trip we had and what a great job you did, it was perfect. the hotels were fabulous we didn't do everything we planned because it was just too warm we had to sit in the afternoon and just relax, but it was …it was great to travel the trains, the plane everything's good just thought I'd tell you thank you again Kathi.”

Pauline Mansi